[ENG] Today in Drniš the first system of public bicycles in the area of Dalmatinska zagora has been put to work

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Today in Drniš at 8:00 am officially has been put to work and given for use to end-users the system of public bicycles.

The system of public bicycles in the area of the City of Drniš has been acquired through the project Adriatic Canyoning - ADRIATIC CANYONS ADVENTURE TOURS. The project Adriatic Canyoning has been financed from INTERREG IPA programme of cross-border cooperation Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2014-2020, within the scope of its third axis „Improvement of tourism development and preservation of cultural and natural heritage”. Its total value amounts to 1.879.251,32 EUR, of which 1.597.363,59 i.e. 85% has been co-financed from EU funds. The Project started on 01 July 2017, and will last for 30 months, namely until 31 December 2019.

Apart from the City of Drniš, partners on the project are the City Široki Brijeg and Municipality Grude (BiH), the city of Obrovac and Zadar County development agency ZADRA NOVA (Croatia) as well as the Agency for construction and development of Herceg Novi (Montenegro).

The public bicycles system in the area of the City of Drniš consists of two starting points each with a terminal and bicycles.  One starting point has been put at the very centre of the town – next to the Main bus station, and another along the rural household Etnoland in Pakovo Selo, which is annually visited by more than 40 thousand guests from different parts of the world.

Within the Project 2 terminals and 12 bicycles have been acquired – 8 city (classic) bicycles and 4 mountain bikes.

The public bicycles system is intended for all citizens of Drniš as well as visitors and tourists, for whom by this Project additional tourist activities will be ensured.

It is necessary to point out that this is the first system of public bicycles in the area of Dalmatinska zagora, which is more and more shaped up as a cycling-tourist destination.

The City of Drniš also by this Project shows that it invests into sustainability and protection of environment by applying modern technologies and following the European trends.

The aim of the Project Adriatic Canyoning is precisely that the destinations in Adriatic hinterland become recognizable as outdoor destinations, which shall through activities of sustainable use and visiting natural and cultural heritage localities increase the standard of the home population, and through activities of development of sustainable tourism products such as public bicycles system contribute to the economic development of the local community.

Public bicycles are increasingly popular form of transportation in 17 Croatian cities and municipalities one of which from today is Drniš as well. After the official presentation of the project, a trial drive by public bicycles has ensued, and for the guests the most attractive was the simplicity of usage via free of cost mobile application for quick and simple rent-out of bicycles. The public bicycles system significantly reduces the emission of toxic gases, noise, traffic jams and parking problems which also has an influence on prolongation of the tourist season.

Cycling has a positive effect on psycho-physical health of all users which can be confirmed by anyone who drives a bicycle. The citizens of Drniš and all visitors from today can combine intercity public transportation and public bicycles and in that way travel quicker, healthier and more economically protecting at the same time the environment we live in. The bicycles can be rented on two locations with terminals for registration, rent-out and return of 8 classic and 4 mountain bikes. 

The City of Drniš has concluded a Contract on maintenance of the public bicycles system in the trial period of 3 months with the Company Sustav javnih bicikli d.o.o. in the period from 11 July until 11 October 2018, so that once registered user in Drniš can use public bicycles in more than 150 cities in the world whereat he enjoys an unlimited number of free rides lasting up to 30 minutes.

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